Design office

The ADEM design office manages and ensures optimal management of the implementation of your project according to a procedure based on 5 phases:

Phase 1 : Establishment of a provisional plan based on the information you provide, your needs, your objectives in order to define an optimal solution with an estimated financial offer to allow the client to have a clear vision of the figures and facts. He can thus make the right decision.

Phase 2 : Establishment of a design plan with technical specifications and we discuss financial and contractual issues.

Phase 3 : After concluding an agreement for the final plan, the design office begins the engineering of the project and the launch of production and the purchase of parts and machines.

Phase 4 : Shipping of all equipment, Assembly of all parts and machines on site and commissioning of the factory

Phase 5 : Support for the learning and training of your employees for the running of the factory and its maintenance

Design, engineering & planning:

ADEM engineers and technicians are experts in the processes of compound feed factories. They draw up preliminary plans, operating diagrams, layout diagrams. The know-how of the ADEM design office lies mainly in its expertise in integrating all the stages of the manufacturing process (storage, dosing, mixing, grinding, granulation, bagging, shipping, etc.).