Design office

ADEM’s engineers and technicians are experts in the process of compound feed mills; they realize the preliminary design plans and the operating diagrams and establish the budget offer. They create new complete plants, but also they modernize the existing units.

The know-how of the ADEM teams resides mainly in their recognized expertise to integrate all stages of the manufacturing process (storage, dosing, mixing, grinding, pelleting, coating, bagging, expedition …) and to specify the necessary interfaces in order to guarantee an optimal performance of the installations (composition, granulometry, aspect, flow).

Method working

The design office ADEM manages and ensures an optimal management of the realization of your project according to a procedure based on 5 phases:

  • Phase 1 : Preparation of a preliminary plan based on the information which you provide. The essential elements had to be considered are the existing situation, the new developments, the feasibility of the project and the available budget.
  • Phase 2 : Establishment of a design plan with technical specifications and an offer. These data constitute the basis for further discussions. When we get the agreement for the final plan, the design office begins the engineering of the project.
  • Phase 3 : Launch of the production and the purchase of machines.
  • Phase 4 : Assembly of all equipments and machines on site and the start-up of the factory
  • Phase 5 : Offer of assistance for training of your employees how use machines and for their maintenance


Since 2010, ADEM has acquired a specialized plant for the manufacture of handling equipment and the construction of square silos for storage, intended for the Human food industry and the animal nutrition.

The site is equipped with latest generation production machines:

  • CNC Laser cutting
  • CNC punching
  • Folding and automatic roller
  • Station of surface treatment
  • Large standardized paint cabinet


Our automaticians design and realize the control commands infrastructures of the installations. They use specific software of automation and supervision. Our business expertise allows us to support you in your energy optimization and in the limitation of crossed contamination.
A compound feed mill can be entirely operated by integrated automatic systems.
Our main mission is to deliver to our customers a reliable and practical system in constant evolution.

Mounting and start up

ADEM has its own assembly teams.
The 5 phases of Turnkey Installations

  • Mechanical assembly of equipments and Supervision
  • Electrical wiring and pneumatic connection of equipments
  • Start up of the factory without product
  • Start up with product
  • Assistance after the successful of the start up


ADEM has a team of technicians for mechanical preventive interventions for machines and processes, when factories have technical problems.
Thanks to its sales department (motors, reducers, pneumatics, straps, buckets, dies), ADEM ensures a fast delivery of spare parts for its customers.